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In the late Victorian era women wore the Fishtail style dresses, which at the bottom of the garment the end would trail out, hence how the term fishtail came to be; because of its appearance. And once the 1900’s came, comfortable clothing slowly emerged and the fishtail went out of style.

But heck, fashion is recycled you know?

Once a trend or style is out, doesn’t mean it won’t come back. And that statement is fitting for the Fishtail style I mentioned earlier, which is a major trend for this spring/summer fashion for 2013. Of course there has to be some changes of the original style to accommodate to our society today, but do you see me complaining?

I LOVE this style, (because the Victorian era is my favourite fashion period) and its return to the spotlight feels like a pat on the back from the fashion industry to me. Not convinced yet on why people are loving it? It has variations of patterns, from simplistic and girly to vibrant and edgy. Anyone can really wear it no matter what body type you have, because it all depends on what style you get. For small hips, get patterned ones and try bright colours to emphasize your figure. For females having the womanly hips, darker hues work best. But enough of me blabbering! Go get one before I start buying them all, and trust me, I would fight to the death for more of these adorable dresses and skirts ^^

I’ll be posting every FRIDAY now because Thursday is too, uh, random for me? So check Fridays now for new blogs from me, Alice Grey! 

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